Frozen Pipes? Let our specialists thaw, repair and help prevent your water pipes from freezing or bursting.

Frozen pipe burst.

Temperatures in the Greater Hartford, CT area can certainly get cold enough to result in frozen pipes. Water expands as it freezes, bursting pipes, and this can mean major damage if not looked after promptly and professionally.

Severe property damage occurs once the pipes thaw and the water begins to flow again, now leaking within your walls.

Frozen plumbing must be thawed correctly to prevent further damage and our plumbers have the knowledge and the equipment to do it right!

Frozen pipe repair.
Frozen Pipe Prevention
  • Cold Weather Plumbing Inspection
  • Insulate Vulnerable Water Pipes
  • Winterize Your Home

Our plumbers have special equipment that warms up pipes at the correct rate to avoid cracking. It is critical to have a professional do this to prevent damage and costly frozen pipe repairs after the fact!