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Oil to Gas Advantages for Homeowners In Connecticut

When facing cold weather, Connecticut residents should think about the current method of heating their home. All homeowners desire to have the most efficient method available to provide warmth inside when the outside temperatures drop. In many cases, people are choosing to make a move from oil to natural gas heat. There are a number reasons they making such a choice.

Cleaner Burning

A cleaner burning fuel such as natural gas helps a person's household as well as the environment. Switching to natural gas from oil will significantly decrease the level of greenhouse gasses produced by a person's home. When a home has a clean burning fuel being used, it will lower any type of bad odors in a house. Many of these odors are caused by CO2 emissions. A cleaner burning fuel improves a home's air quality. This is important if someone living in a house has asthma or another type of respiratory health issue.

Volatile Oil Prices

The price of oil is often subject to political issues affecting the world. These prices can quickly make significant shifts. These fluctuations can cause problems with the cost of utilities for a homeowner. Natural gas is a fuel that has a stable price and is reliable. Since it is becoming very popular, the price of natural gas is anticipated to continue to decrease. There are programs available to provide financially for it from state and federal levels. They are scheduled to remain in place for the foreseeable future. In Connecticut, discounts and rebates associated with converting to natural gas from oil could be as much as $740 or more.


When homes switch to natural gas, they have the fuel piped directly into their house. It will be able to be used immediately. There will no longer be any tanks to monitor. Since the need for fuel deliveries is eliminated, there is no longer any need to be concerned with running out of fuel. When a home uses natural gas, it is not necessary for this type of fuel to be placed in any type of storage unit. Natural gas is one of the most plentiful natural resources in the United States.

Increased Efficiency

Once a home has been converted to natural gas, the heat in the house will be distributed with increased efficiency. A house is able to have comfortable heating levels in all areas. Natural gas is identified as a source of energy that is high density. This means it will require fewer units of natural gas to provide sufficient energy in a home.


With increased efficiency comes energy savings. When a homeowner converts from oil to natural gas, they will experience savings in their monthly utility bills. Using natural gas costs less to heat a home when compared to propane, electricity as well as oil. When gas is combined with a high-efficiency furnace, the monthly energy savings could be significant.

Popular Brands

One of the most popular brands is the Lennox GWM-IE gas modulating condensing boiler. It is able to run at a low setting and still be efficient. It is known for decreasing sound levels as well as fuel costs. Another popular brand is the Bosch Greenstar gas boiler. It utilizes a combustion process. This provides up to 95 percent efficiency. It comes with units that are floor-standing as well as wall-mounted. The Slant-Fin's Sentry is a gas-fired cast iron boiler. Its design makes this boiler easy to install even when a home has limited space or a lower than normal connection to a chimney.

We Are Qualified Professionals

Any person considering converting their home from oil to gas will need to hire a qualified and experienced plumbing contractor. Individuals who have tried to do this conversion by themselves or tried using a non licensed contractor are taking a major risk. The most effective way to avoid problems when converting from oil to natural is using a licensed plumbing contractor who has many years of experience. With over 60 years serving central Connecticut, we are the plumbing company homeowners trust. Call us today for a free estimate.