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New Sink Installation & Sink Repair

When it comes to homes, sinks get overlooked pretty easily. Sure, they might get a little more attention when it comes time to renovate, but not a lot of people take the time to understand what a sink actually does. In fact, there is a wealth of variety when it comes to sinks, and it's not all aesthetic.

Kitchen sink repair.

There are many types of sinks, whether we're talking industrial, kitchen, bathroom, utility, or even garden sinks. And each of those come with their own unique set of problems.

With kitchen and industrial sinks, you'll find that most of them are metal. They're meant for more wear and tear, and while they might not be as pretty as other sinks, they're a lot harder to break.

Kitchen sinks get a lot of use, especially if you wash your dishes by hand. And while you aren't supposed to put hot grease in a sink, it does happen on occasion. In fact, grease and food particles are some of the main reasons that kitchen sinks get clogged.

You've probably noticed that bathroom sinks have more variety. Glass, porcelain, stone, and even plastic are all popular options when it comes to bathroom sinks. That's because while the sink gets plenty of use, it doesn't need to be able to take loads of dishes, hot pots and pans, or have as much space in it.

Plumbing fixture installation.

While each material still possesses unique problems, in the bathroom you're likely to face material failure due to things such as chemical hair dyes. This mostly affects plastic, though it not polished properly, it could stain materials like wood and stone.

In the bathroom, you're more likely to face drainage problems due to hair. If you have children, you can also expect clogs from bathroom items like toilet paper and cotton swabs being shoved down the drain. And due to some people keeping jewelry in the bathroom, on unlucky occasions, your drain may be caused due to an earring or ring slipping into the drain.

Utility sinks see a variety of uses and usually see a lot of hard and dirty work. They're often used for maintenance and cleaning purposes, and when they clog it can get messy in a hurry. Clogs in utility sinks can be from something as easy to fix as debris being caught in the pipe, however, they may be more prone to leaks due to their high use of eroding chemicals.

Bathroom sink repair.

Garden sinks are a dying fashion, but those who choose to have them installed know the headache they save. Garden sinks are a great convenience to have. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't subject to the same problems their counterparts are. Cracks, leaks, and clogs still happen, perhaps more so if you choose to make it a DIY refurbished project.

Fixing a clog yourself may seem like a good idea at the time to some, but getting it done correctly by one of our trained licensed plumbers, will give you the peace of mind knowing it's done right.

No matter how small the problem may seem, it's always important to have a licensed plumber take a look. Repairs done professionally can save you time and even cash in the long run. If the worse happens and you need a replacement, allow a licensed professional to install it for you. This helps to insure that it'll be installed correctly and last a little longer.

So whatever your sink needs are for your Central Connecticut home, count on Advance Plumbing and Heating.